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Metal braces have been the standard of treatment for straightening teeth for centuries. While they remain popular today, though, many people are choosing Invisalign instead. Known as “the clear alternative to braces,” Invisalign’s smooth, medical grade, nearly invisible aligners gently shift the teeth into the desired position.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a unique approach to correcting orthodontic issues. You will receive a series of customized, removable aligners. Wear each set of aligners for two weeks or as directed, and then change to the next set at home. We need to see you just once every four to six weeks to monitor your progress.

3-D Modeling

Before treatment begins, we will create a 3-D digital model of your current smile. We will then morph the model to show you what to expect at every stage of treatment, including the ultimate results. For those who like to know what to expect, this is a huge advantage over traditional braces.

Aesthetics and Comfort

No matter how annoying it may be, first impressions truly matter. Many people feel self-conscious about job interviews, client meetings, appearing in photos, dating, and participating in social activities when wearing braces. Invisalign is nearly invisible, so no one needs to know that you are straightening your teeth.

In addition, braces can be uncomfortable or even painful. The metal brackets and wires tend to scratch and poke the tongue and the insides of the cheeks, and adjustments can feel miserable. Invisalign aligners have no rough edges to cut or scratch, and the teeth are gently shifted over time.

Daily Life

Braces put your dentist in control. We will attach them, adjust them, and remove them. If you experience a loose bracket or popped wire, you will need an emergency appointment. You must learn a whole new oral hygiene routine, and foods such as popcorn and sticky candy are off-limits.

Invisalign puts you in control. We will put the attachments on your teeth, teach you how to place and remove the aligners, and monitor your progress. You will change aligners at home, and you can take them out to brush and floss your teeth, as well as to eat your favorite foods.


Metal braces were traditionally less expensive than Invisalign, but that is quickly changing. Upgrades such as colored metal or different materials can significantly add to the price of braces. In addition, all dentist visits, including emergency appointments, are priced separately. Invisalign’s transparent pricing model includes all aligners and dentist visits.

Dental insurance is tricky. Some plans cover braces but not Invisalign, some cover both, and some cover neither. Our office staff will help you determine your coverage and see how much you will need to pay out of pocket for both options.

Like any dental procedure, Invisalign is not right for everyone. For many people, though, it is an excellent solution for straightening teeth.

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Wearing Your Aligners

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