Extractions in Woodridge, IL

Extractions in Woodridge, IL

4 Star Dental provides tooth extractions in Woodridge, IL. Call 630 869-0063 to learn more and schedule your appointment.

Although permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, this is not the reality for many people. You might need a tooth extraction for a variety of reasons such as decay or damage, gum disease, infection, or a crowded jaw. If you need a tooth extraction, here is what to expect.

Extraction Procedure

We will take your health history before scheduling your extraction. Certain conditions and medications increase your risk for bleeding. Those who are at high risk for infection may need antibiotics. Tell us about any significant health conditions, as well as all medications and supplements you take, and we will let you know of any precautions you should take.

We can provide sedation if needed, although many people find it unnecessary for extractions. We will thoroughly numb your mouth, and then cut away any tissue is that is in the way. Next, we will grasp the tooth with forceps and rock it gently back and forth to remove it. Some particularly stubborn teeth must be taken out in pieces, but extractions generally last for only a few seconds to a minute or two per tooth.

After Care

We will most likely send you home with a prescription for pain medication. Take your medicine as prescribed to stay ahead of any pain. We will also place a gauze pad in your mouth to help a blood clot form. Bite down gently on it for three to four hours, changing it for a fresh one if it becomes soaked with blood.

Ice your jaw for 10 minutes at a time for several hours to reduce swelling. Limit activity for the first 24 hours, and avoid smoking, spitting, rinsing, or drinking through a straw during that time. Prop up when you lie down, and choose soft, lukewarm foods. You can brush your teeth unless otherwise instructed, but be careful to avoid the extraction site.

When to Call Us

Mild to moderate pain, swelling, and bleeding are common for the first day or so. If you have severe pain or bleeding more than four hours after the extraction, call us. Also let us know right away if you have fever, chills, shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain, or excessive drainage from the site. These could be signs of infection.

In rare cases, the blood clot may break away from the extraction site, exposing the bone. Known as dry socket, this condition can be extremely painful. If you experience worsening pain in the days after your extraction, call us. We may need to use a sedative dressing to ease the pain and help the site heal.

You should feel normal within one to two days, but it will take one to two weeks for the extraction site to fully heal. We will need to discuss options for replacing the missing tooth soon after the site heals, as a missing tooth can cause the rest of the teeth to shift.

If you need a tooth extraction, call 4 Star Dental today at 630 869-0063 to schedule your appointment.